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Testimonials from our friends

A South Carolina kitty joins his buddy on the porch

"Thank you so much for this wonderful product! Finally, I am able tospendevenings onmy front porch with all of my creatures together. I love sitting outside in the evening after work, but Simba is an inside cat and it was always hard to spend time relaxing outside without him.

I also sometimes keep it in the main living area and use it to keep him near the action if I'm doing work around the house with the doors open. He loves his Funhouse and often goes in it by himself to check it out or take a nap (I use it so much I often just leave it set up in the house and open during the day).

This product really has improved the quality of life for both of us." --K.K., South Carolina

T.J. enjoys a Northwest summer!


"It was so fun having our cat outside with us; it just made our summer! We feel like the Doolittles with the Bird, Cat and Dog out in the backyard with us!"
--M.H., Washington

These Bolognese canines camp out!

The Feline Funhouse is not just for felines anymore! "I like to call [it]the 'Animal Funhouse.' We had a lot of fun putting our puppies in it during the summer.

It was a great way to corral them, instead of having to chase them all over the yard (or out of the yard) when they wanted to head off in all directions.

We also used it for their daddy when visitors came by to preview the puppies. Putting the big guy in the funhouse allowed him to enjoy all the festivities without being in the way, or playing with the pups too rough."--C.D., Washington

Basil camps in the display Funhouse



Basil uses his Funhouse at the pet store where he works in Bellingham, WA.

Happy and Lucky



These Texas Maine Coons "camp out", sleeping bag and all! Happy & Lucky, TX

Chui explores his new Funhouse




Chui tries out his new Outdoor Feline Funhouse before venturing outside.-- T.C., Washington

Kelly and Dusty safely taking in sun and fresh air


"...you get the idea of how much the "funhouse" is used. They are all in it at some time during the day, every day. Best item we ever purchased! It has become a part of the living room. I think they would be "lost" without it. It is their haven." --D.H., Washington

Bageerah enjoys his safe havenBageerah at 6 months old

"Just wanted you to be on the lookout for some photos of Bageerah in his Funhouse. It is really the best product a cat owner could have. You can quote me on that! This Funhouse helped so much when we had to run from Katrina. It also came in handy after his surgery as you will see in the photos. We don't have to force him in there either. He just runs inside of it and starts playing. Thanks again for a great product!"
--L.C., Louisianna


abyssinian kittens and their mom


"I just thought I would send you a picture of a litter of 4 abyssinian kittens and their mom. We are testing it for duarability as aby's are really busy and destructive. I really think this is a great product." -- S.M., Canada

Just like being outside!This is great!

"The Funhouse arrived safely last Friday and we took Tom outside for the first time since his accident. He loved it! His demeanor changed instantly from one of depressed resignation to optimistic cheerfulness as he walked around (nice and slowly!) on the grass and listened to all the sounds in the garden. Many thanks for getting the Funhouse to me so promptly and for making such an excellent product. I'm sure he will make a more rapid complete recovery now with the help of his very own safe outdoor 'experience'. " -- J.R., United Kingdom


Introducing a new kitty to the home



"You all go all out in customer service! Kink and I love the new toys and tent mat. Thanks so much for throwing those in on top of the reimbursement. You've gone above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks again for your fast, prompt and excellent customer service. I'll recommend you all to my cat friends." -- A.B., Washington

Sage and Cider lounging in their Funhouse


"About 3 months ago we purchased the Feline Funhouse for our cats. We live in NY and you were wonderful at getting it to us in time for our Memorial Day BBQ. Thank you. Our cats, Sage 3, and Cider 1, love their fun house. I have attached some pictures of them relaxing on their chairs in the fun house. Sage is the Gray and Black cat and Cider is the Orange one. Thank you again for this great product. " -- C.J., New York

Oscar enjoys the condo balcony!

"Hi, my name is Oscar and I am 10 1/2 in people time years, weigh 5 pounds and 7 inches tall. I am a pure bred Devon. I live in a condo on the third floor. My Mama found you on the internet by accident and ordered my Funhouse. It came in 2 days and I was so happy because now I can go "outside patio" ... and Mama doesn't have to worry about me anymore. She used to have to put on my harness and leash and have to stay with me the whole time to make sure I would not hurt myself or do a "splat" fall. It was not much fun that way and I did not like to be tied up. I am sending you my picture of me playing in my Funhouse. Thankyou, Purrrrrrrr...meow....Oscar"
--R.P., Calgary, Alberta

Snowball at the lake

"Recently we learned that our 14-year old cat has cancer and we do not know how longer she will be with us.  We decided to take her on one last trip to Lake Kissimmee State Park near Lake Wales, Florida and she got to try out her new "Feline Funhouse".  She just loved it and we think the funhouse is a wonderful invention."

 --T.C., Chiefland, FL
Frank enjoys his outdoor cat enclosure and...so does his dad!

Arizona cats


"Here is a photo of my cats' first use (outside) of their funhouse.  We live in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  This pic was taken in Junction, TX.  They really enjoyed being outside with me.

Thank you so much for this great product!"

--Robin, Arizona

Ahhh...cool shade!Bellingham resident, Button



Button lives with his Dad in Bellingham, WA.

Chillin' in the backyardIt's a wonderful life!

"We purchased your Feline Funhouse three (3) months ago... a Fabulous Product... Kudos! It was initially purchased for our huge (10 lbs) Maine Coon who is an indoor cat.  Now, he can enjoy the great CA outdoors with us without our being concerned. Then, two (2) months ago we provided a home to a Safe Kitten; i.e., rescued.  We used the Feline Funhouse to get the two (2) acquainted without any altercations.  It worked beautifully.  And, now we can have both of them outside without any concerns. Its portability is great... as small as a car fold-up window shade.  Every small pet owner should have this!" --Gary, California

Billy and Sassy"THREE years after receiving the Funhouse for my cats, it is still going strong and containing my pets whenever they get to go outside.  I love it!  It has held up very well under pressure, i.e., cats jumping after bugs, etc.  Cats are unpredictable, so they inevitably get scared of lawn mowers and other outside noises and try to get out of the Funhouse on occasion (they are therefore never left unattended).  But the Funhouse has withstood all that and more.  Weather hasn't bothered it either...I do leave it outside a lot, throughout the summer and/or winter months..  It has endured and I wanted you to know that I love this product and I think it has been well worth the money!  Kudos to you all for this product!

I'm sure glad I found it." 

-- Brenda, Tennessee

"The Funhouse has been so great during my cat's convalescence after being attacked by a bobcat. I live on the edge of town and wild beasts have always threatened but never actually become a danger, until recently. It is so hard to keep my cat indoors, as she likes being outside as much as I do. I have begun using a leash with her and it isn't as bad as I thought. And the Funhouse has become part of her new routine. She is content inside it for both long and short periods, depending on her cat moods. I can actually be inside my tiny apartment with her just outside the open front door, and not have to worry, but mostly I use it for when we can sit outside together. It is so lightweight and transportable that I can easily move it from under the oak tree, to down by the pool, and back to my deck. I want to thank you for making such a durable, well-designed, and useful product and for your most excellent customer service!" -- Julie, California

Recuperating with my mom
Cats camping on the deck in PA
"Thank you so much for helping us get one of ya'lls Funhouse's ~ she's adjusting fine...I think maybe she likes it more being able to see outside and our other cats etc instead of being in the guest bath secluded. Ya'll were so great to help us even on Easter Sunday.
I'll definitely recommend the Funhouse to friends if they find they need something such as this.
Many thanks!" --Sharon, South Carolina




Babies sleep on their Feline Funhouse"A wonderful local rescue person rescued these 3 kittens from under a porch in Custer.  Unfortunately she has faced the tragedy of her husband dying in a freak accident 3 weeks ago. She was unable to socialize the kittens (their mother is feral) so I took them in.  I have kept them in one of your large enclosures in my living room so they could be around human sounds.  When I let them out, they still chose to sleep on top of the enclosure.  So cute".--Joy, Bellingham, WA


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